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Hello there! Thank you for visiting the Bed in a Box website. You will find here most of the commonly asked questions. We have carefully answered them here for you. Should you have any question not covered here, please do visit the Contact Us page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

No, we don’t operate traditional showrooms as such. We have what we refer to as experience centres  operated by partner furniture showrooms .Customers are encouraged to visit the experience centre closest to them to test the quality of the products before making a purchase. You can check our website, call 08177771549 or send us an email at for list of experience centres.

Offering only one mattress choice is a core part of our philosophy. We believe that putting all our energies into the design and craft of just one product is the key to perfection, not to mention a more simplified buying experience for our customers. Through selling many mattresses over the years, we learnt a lot about our customers’ needs and fine-tuned from there. That’s why we’re so confident with our seven year warranty period.

Orders and Delivery

We’re sorry but due to high demand, we can only deliver within 3 working days within Lagos.

Our standard delivery period Mon to Fri, 8 am to 7 pm – Flat fee charge of N10000 for delivery and installation of Bed frames within Lagos State only. Delivery of all other items on the website is Free of charge.

Your items will arrive at your doorstep. You’ll receive a confirmation email once your order is shipped, so you’ll know when to expect delivery.

For any questions, email: INFO@BEDINABOX.NG

Please note: Delivery will be made only to your ground floor doorstep only.

We do try to make sure your items get to you at the same time, but unfortunately our products aren’t always shipped together as different couriers may be used depending on the product. We do give you a tracking code for each item as soon as your order has been shipped so you can trace your eve purchases.

Unfortunately the couriers will not call before the delivery as they are not provided with work phones.

We use DHL, and UPS.

No. We will only deliver to your front door.

Our couriers require a signature when they deliver, so yes, someone will need to be at home. If you do miss your delivery don’t worry, our courier will retry over the next two business days.

For help re-scheduling your delivery day, just contact us. Our couriers are able to make changes to your delivery date once they’ve made a first attempt.

Due to the size and weight difference we use different couriers to keep the delivery cost as low as possible.

During the order process you can provide details you wish to tell the delivery couriers, which may assist them with your delivery. Please note that our couriers will not call to notify you before delivering your order.

E- COMMERCE websites such as KONGA and JUMIA are independent retailers of our products. When purchasing through them you’d need to contact them directly for all after care regarding your purchase.

Prices for our bed frames are available on our website.


You won’t need to turn your mattress over, ever. In fact, it works best one side up. We do suggest you rotate it lengthways every 30 days for the first year and then twice a year after that to maintain proper shape and to extend its lifespan.

Yes, the cover of the pillow can be washed at 40c

Spot cleaning the bed frame upholstery is fine, but the cover cannot be removed for washing.

We recommend a specialist upholstery cleaning solution.

Pre-test any cleaning products in an inconspicuous area before using. Always follow the cleaning guidelines of the cleaning product.

Vacuum regularly (using the upholstery attachment) paying particular attention to the inside of the frame where dust can settle.

You don’t need to use a pillow case, but we’d recommend that you do for hygiene reasons.

Trial and Warrantee

We are proud to offer a 5 – year guarantee on the mattress as it meets the highest standards for domestic use. Note that this guarantee is provided free of charge.

Yes it does. The pillow is covered by a three-year guarantee. If it fails within that time we’ll exchange it for a brand new pillow

You could compare getting used to your new mattress to the same process as getting used to new shoes. The mattress you previously owned had time to adapt to your body shape and soften. When you sleep on a new mattress, it is possible you may feel a slight discomfort for the first few days which will quickly improve.

Setting up your Mattress

Many of our customers can’t believe it when they receive their mattress in a box. We’ve invested in a special technology that rolls and vacuum packs the mattress, compressing it into the smallest of spaces. We do this for three reasons:

Delivering your mattress compressed into a box costs us a fraction of what it would cost to deliver a full-sized mattress. We pass these savings on to you, the customer.
Reducing the amount of packaging involved in shipping the mattress means we reduce our impact on the environment. And because it’s compressed, deliveries require fewer transport journeys – saving on fuel emissions.
Moving a mattress around your house is hard work. By compressing it into a box, we make the process of getting the mattress to your bedroom that little bit easier.

It certainly does! We do however recommend checking the condition of your bed base before using it with our mattress, as worn out bed-bases can potentially impact the performance of a new mattress over time. Whilst our mattress can be used with any kind of bed base, a wooden slatted or platform bed offers the most support.

We use special machines to roll up the mattress in the box. We’d be very impressed if you could get it back in there!

We haven’t conducted our own medical tests to establish this, but many of our customers with back problems claim to have great results when sleeping on a BED IN A BOX mattress.

Our aim is to support each sleeper individually in order to get the best night’s sleep possible. The BED IN A BOX mattress provides more movement isolation than traditional spring mattresses. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel your partner move during the night.

We pack the mattress into a super-portable, beautifully designed box.

Using our mattress on the floor will not impact its feel, however we do recommend propping it on its side regularly to allow the mattress to breathe, as the floor will not have the same ventilation properties as a bed base.

You can sleep on it straight away. It takes about 4 – 5 hours for it to settle to its full size.

The mattress is 25cm (or 10 inches) deep. Why? In our experience this is the perfect depth.

About the Bed Frame

The bed frame components are as follows:

Fabric or Faux leather covering for the headboard and frame.
Bed frame: the platform is solid wood, cushioned with a polyester insulator padding.
Brackets: steel
Slats: wood, on a steel frame
Feet: solid hard plastic

The bed frame would be very heavy to transport and awkward to deliver if it came fully assembled. We want to make delivery as fast and simple as possible so we’ve put the bed frame in one box. Don’t worry, it’s very easy to assemble.

The bed frame is simple to assemble and there are handy assembly instructions enclosed in the packaging. All fixings are pre-attached, so all you need to do is slot the frame into place and tighten up the bolts with the tool that comes with it.

After attaching the legs to the frame and the slats, the slats are simply placed into position, no additional fixings are needed.

We recommend that there are two people to put the bed frame together and it should take no longer than 20-30 minutes.

We take care to create the perfect products, combining quality of materials with a simple buying process and convenient delivery. The bed frame provides a comfortable and supportive base for our mattress – it was crafted to be the perfect partner. It’s strong and sturdy and the wood slats offer a little bounce as well as tensioned support.

If you wish to return your bed frame within 30 days, the packaging must be kept and in good condition.

You can sleep on it straight away, once it’s out of the packaging and built of course!

About the Pillow

The pillow is made from premium memory foam which molds to the shape of your head and relieves pressure. The pillow is encased in a super soft cover made with luxurious cotton.

The durable cotton fabric we used to make the cover is soft to the touch and satisfyingly stretchy. The fabric is knitted, rather than woven, giving it that lovely elasticity. Like our mattress, we describe the pillow as medium firm. It contours to your sleeping position while simultaneously pushing back to support you in all the right places.

During the manufacture process, our pillow is treated with a state of the art additive. This makes the foam hypoallergenic and also protects against bacteria, mold, mildew, and dust mites.

The pillow weighs around 1.7kg (3.75lbs).

Because of the foam’s responsive nature, the pillow will facilitate blood circulation, and ensure that your neck and back are given optimum support during the night.

The dimensions of our pillow are 42 x 66 cm

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